Full Version: Nauseous egg
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This is an easy made egg shell.I only used some color options to make the default egg looks nauseous.

[Image: nrxo.jpg]
I can't see it. And how did you do that? Your sig?
Cool, isn't it? I think he uses flash animator or something. He requestes an .swf form of the egg in John's egg template topic.
I edited the thread so the image is visible now.
I see it now. lol. maybe you can make him vomiting. lol,.
Vomit? that would be interesting. Maybe vomit could be the Nauseous egg's weapon of choice?
Eww,lol.But that's not a bad idea.The vomit could be looking like projectile from spurgle gun just with some of particles in it to make it looks like a vomit.
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