Full Version: Cannibal with a new weapon! (with epic pics!)
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While on a trip to my grandma, i got inspired for a new weapon shell!
It's a Cannibal with an Egg launcher!
First the weapon,
It would launch rotten eggs that would stick onto the enemy and deal 6 dmg for 2 or 3 turns!
After that the smell of the eggs would go away and the enemy would be better.
Now to the shell!
The Cannibal can look like a caveman with 2 larger teeth in his mouth.
I know that the Egg Launcher is similiar to poison and that could be why it might not be added.
Or they could just add a shock effect to the lightning gun that can deal 5 dmg for idk 2 turns.
[Image: 4m1bzb5.png]
[Image: yHrKKE2.png]
[Image: dz0ad2Q.png]
All credits of the pictures goes to HaloGame1! Thanks so much man!
Thank you for reading this thread, vote on the poll or just comment if u agree or not.
Well, maybe you should do a design for it because I don't really understand the weapon information :/
Anytime man, goodluck with the poll Smiley_Wink
Nice design! Hope admins and other people like it!!
Great idea Smiley_Smile And nice drawings Halo Smiley_BigGrin
as long as this is for all users and not just ppl who buy stuff in stores then yea i think its a good idea
I think making a new weapon pack with that topic will be nice, tooSmiley_Wink
Nice suggestions!!
The Shell looks awesome!I hope this shell can be in the beo2 game
The weapon and shell look great, Malinero! I love the concept
Thanks for the nice comments guys, its all thanks to Halo for the pics Smiley_BigGrin
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