Full Version: Game vs the World.
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Sup guys. I just wanna see how this turns out for you people. I will be doing 1v1s with most of the forum players (if not all) under my settings. Beware: I am not too easy to beat and I may have a very high streak before someone finally beats me barely.

So let's get this party started.

Current record: 0-0

Skull Island

Wind+Low Gravity

200 HP

No Walls, no Ceiling.

10 seconds

Jumping and Fast movement off, big explosions/forces off.

You cannot use Teleport or Mass Teleport.

If you're brave enough to take on this challenge, bring your guts here and comment below.
Well, someone's confident! Smiley_Tongue

I may have taken your challenge, but I am AWFUL at low gravity. I may be fine with wind, but it means NOTHING if I can't play low gravity Smiley_Tongue

I may train in low gravity, and then maybe I'll accept your challenge.
game you c gl with the challenges e.e
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