Full Version: changing your name in badeggs 2
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is it just me or am i like the only guy who is actually considering on changing his name but anyways wouldnt it be cool if we could change our usernames aka names i kind of want to do it but idk if there is a way on how to

also if someone dose know a way you can change your name on BEO2 plz leave a post and tell me
Im pretty sure its not possible, sorry. I know of password change, but username, no.
Sometimes, it's hard to believe the BEO community(myself included at times) is mature enough for some of the things we already have. I could see this being used and abused, especially if we can't even type the word "grape" in the game chat (that one's more of a little rib tickler to me Smiley_Wink). This has been suggested before, or at the very least mentioned somewhere that I recall hearing it, and the same reasoning I just gave was used to say "no" then, too.
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