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Hey guys!

I think it would be great to have a mode where you can play some Practice games but versus a computer.

You wont get any XP, just get prepared to play against other players.

Instead of playing games and losing at first because you are "rusty" you can play a few quick Practice games Vs. AI.

I think it is great to have on top of our current "Practice" mode where only you can shoot and not the enemy.

There can also be some difficulties.
Easy, Medium, Hard

You play the modes you want and get prepared!
I strongly believe this will be a good addition to the game.

I want this in the game, and would love it if it happened! This is needed to get prepared and not lose at first or be rusty.

Thanks for reading!
Smiley_Shocked this is actually.... amazing!!! This would be fun TBH, having the AI's fight ya.... Good idea Dude!
This is actually quite a good idea; I'm surprised I haven't seen it mentioned elsewhere. If you are are rusty/haven't played in a while it is possible to play as a guest initially (so win rate, etc isn't affected) but of course as a guest you only have access to basic weapons, can't access Pro modes, weapon packs, etc
Smiley_ThumbsUp supported! Smiley_ThumbsUp

(too short)
A very good idea. You absolutely deserve applause. *claps*

If this system is introduced in the game, I see another possible...possibility.

A campaign mode.

You start fighting easy mode, then gradually move on to stronger opponents in harder maps. It may be extremely easy for us pros Smiley_Tongue but it could be good experience. No experience should be granted, but after completing all the levels, a shell / badge (a badge might be nice) should be granted. If you think this is a good idea, it may be implemented in a future BEO 3.

Back to topic. Great work Albert!
I have thought of this idea from the beginning, so I support it.
well there definetly is a use for it also i dont think people use the practice mode that
much cause they dont fight back and your just practicing aim(kind of)

so with this i could see lots of people trying on practice mode

so supported
It'll make easier to help your aim better and skills!
I love itSmiley_BigGrin
DragonBolt,Campaign mode was suggested before by me in Beo1 Forum...
Here: Smiley_BigGrin

By the way,Albert,this could be pretty good...Suggested all the way!
It's cool idea! I think this would be a lot of support for beginners. Hope admins will introduce this or something like this...
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