Full Version: diving shell and new wep
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boom my 4th idea of the day (3/1/14)

so this is my idea what if there was a diver shell where it looked like it was just under waters here is a little sketch of it

[Image: Scuba-Diver-Easter-Eggs.png]

something like that but probably different

as for the new weapon it is a harpoon i think it is perfect for a egg like
this i think it totally matches

harpoon dmg:25

just think of how cool it would be but anyways that's just my opinion

tell me what you guys think vote and tell me whats your opinionSmiley_Wink
35...for a single weapon...
I'm simply going to say that it's way too over powered. Anything that is currently in the game, as a singular weapon not a multi-shot, doesn't do more than 28 (the chicken, for example). Triple knives and triple x would be on par with the harpoon you're suggesting, but those both 3 rockets/knives in 1 shot.
well in that case if the only problem with that is the weapon then i shall change it to lets say 25 dmg, dose
that work for you tenchi
4th idea of the day!!! You must be in a creative mood today. A diver shell sounds interesting and I agree with Tenchi; lowering the damage is a good idea
ikr i got a lot of ideas that im releasing and thanks i also lowered the dmg now
Nice Idea!

Do you make the shells yourself?
no i got them from google images lol
im surprised i could even find this image
nice shells. the weapon is ok. but I like the shells.
Is there something like that egg shell in beo2 already????
Leonid, please don't grave dig. The last post was made 3 months ago.
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