Full Version: Egg Scout & Hawaiian Egg - New update
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nice work SenSei great maps like itSmiley_Smile
Thanks FirstaidkiT Smiley_Smile
RED PLANET new map updated Smiley_BigGrin
I really want all of these maps to be put into one pack, these are awesome!!!
Thanks Swag,

DUNGEON ROOM new map updated ;D
Great new map I really want them in the map packsSmiley_BigGrin

SenSei map pack Smiley_BigGrin

Your deserve respect are number 1 player on leaderborads & have good skillz too..

But i'm amazed that you are good artist also ..

Nice maps Smiley_Smile Keep them coming & Good to see you here....
Dungeon Room is now my favorite.
@Sensei101 I would just like to say that I love your artwork. I can see that you really really put some nice detail into it. The eggshells that you made are looking very Cool. And the maps that you did, simply the best outta this world amazes me, you MUST HAVE put lots of great work into the designs of these maps. I hope that someday I might be able to play on one of your maps, if there is like a pro or someone who bought them or w.e Smiley_BigGrin. I would Especially love to play in that Dungeon Room map cause it looks REALLY amazing to me Cool. If it would be okay....would I be able to take some of your map pictures, copy and paste to Tinypic and save them as desktop to my computer? Smiley_BigGrin Smiley_XD Lol. Because most of them I like and like I said are outta this world amazing Smiley_BigGrin.

GREAT JOB SENSEI Smiley_ThumbsUp I just got my mind blown away after seeing these LOL Smiley_XD.
Thanks Mattew & Slim Smiley_Smile
thanks Deathstalker & simplythebest for kind words Smiley_BigGrin
Np bro *bro hugs* LOL Smiley_XD. Eh may I copy and paste some of your map pics to tinypic
and save them to my computer sometime? I won't be able to do it recently since i got school tomorrow.
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