Full Version: Egg Scout & Hawaiian Egg - New update
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Holy Smiley_Censored... The last map is just AMAZING SenSei!
Thanks eggkiller,matthew,badboy & Z
glad you all like it.

(08-14-2014 04:50 PM)eggkiller2301 Wrote: [ -> ]what would happen if you fall out the world??

hehe nothing they will still be on the cloud below, its much thicker Smiley_XD same like pearly gates map.
Wow nice Sensei,
keep going I hope that these are the maps really exist ..
Sensei is just shelling out ideas Smiley_Shocked
WOw great art work i would love to play on these map Smiley_Shocked
Thanks 3BeeD,vakson,halogame Smiley_BigGrin

(08-15-2014 05:43 AM)halogame1 Wrote: [ -> ]Sensei is just shelling out ideas Smiley_Shocked
haha nice one Smiley_XD
we need to protest! *jumps into house window grabs crayons and a massive pieace of wood and writes have these maps on beo2!*jumps back out* and sensei101 brooooo do you make shells for other people?
haha thanks eggkiller ,no bro i dont make shell for other people.
as always sensei nice work, keep it, last time i saw rob lurking your thread, a shame he dont comment/reply, but t least he saw your maps ideas.
thanks troll2 appreciation from you mean's alot also other members thanks for support Smiley_Smile
, hope Rob or john make's it happen someday, i will keep sharing idea's for love of the game Smiley_Smile
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