Full Version: Egg Scout & Hawaiian Egg - New update
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Nice job on the terrain!
Hope it's added to the game!Smiley_Smile
omg, i love it, nice work ,this map could be a nice add to game, seems you take your time to fit each block to make the wall
thanks matthew,meno,ryano & troll2

Smiley_XD yep it took me some time but finally managed to do it.
Wow, id love to play on that map. Smiley_BigGrin
thanks halogame1 another map added LightHouse
hope you will like this one too.
i would like to see both this artwork

lighthouse is actually better than the maps there are in game
best map ever

Indian rocks
what can i say, new map lighthose its a tribute to one of my fav BEO Map, also its nice see you are making art again. the forum need be activated , its nice see u don't lost your "mojo"
thanks troll2 your reply alwys inspires me ,i have some ideas will update in future.
I like the light house too, I've also gotten some randomly generated terrain like that as well.
Love both! Light housr is also the new wall of eggland love it.
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