Full Version: Egg Scout & Hawaiian Egg - New update
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Master Chief,this is his graphics thread... Smiley_BigGrin
I have an idea for you,SenSei.Make the GTA Sereis charcters!It would be awesome...
if i think of something different will update but not copyright stuff ;D
No dude,copyright is only if you put it in a game or something like that.
It's like you are saying that you can't draw/edit characters from games. :D
nice sensei, i like the samurai, just a little suggestion , if u can and if u want

the hat should cover almost all the eyes, to give that oriental mystery , like in your avatar, orhe ey give a dark shadow to eyes.
SenSei101, when you design your stuff, you firstly draw it on a paper then do it on your PC? Or just design it directly in the paint?
i tried that but hat size was bigger than egg or more conish
so i lower it down to eyebrows Smiley_XD , i have some ideas in that that style will update in future.
shadowing is hard part will leave to the pros Smiley_XD
edit-added shadow thats the best i can do for now , looks good thanks Smiley_BigGrin

drawn directly on Pc in MS Paint
Assassin-Demon Hunter added, took some time but did it finally hope you all like it.
The new shell looks great; I especially love the story behind the design. Great attention to detail. Can't wait to see more!
Wow nice eggs Sensei! Always nice to see your designs! Smiley_Smile I love the Assassin-Demon Hunter, Its awesome!
Nice picture!!!!!!!!!!
I love it!!
Can you make Korean solider too?
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