Full Version: Egg Scout & Hawaiian Egg - New update
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thanks shadow Smiley_Smile

(03-25-2015 07:39 PM)Shadow Wrote: [ -> ]why havent you added the stick of the glasses that the traveller egg is weraing??
thats how they are in beo2 designs so i draw the same Smiley_BigGrin for example invisible man & badegg.
oh nice eggs and idea , it's awesome eggs and nice .
I like the Hawaiian and Shadow one ^_^ Smiley_Viking
The static on the droid is a nice touch, great designs :-)
love them all, its amazing that u dont lost your "mojo" designing shells yet, its something to be proud and is amazing how you keep your originality , style and creativity.

A bit late on this, but the design for the Steampunk/Mechanical is amazing o.o Love all the intricate elements of the animation, like how the steam exerts as the thermometer mounts to boiling point. Would likely wear that shell for life if that was ever released in-game haha. Awesome artwork, really original. And they look great too =p
Bravo Sensei101
I really like Droid bot~ It has a hybrid nervous system. One Egg cortex, one machine.

My Name is John Connor Good to see Your Designs
-All shells; are magnificent. Smiley_Heart
thanks gooner,troll2,john,smashed,happa & sonacool Smiley_BigGrin
I'd love to see something like your droid egg be put into the game.
Great designs. I wish I was as talented as you. Both new shells look awesome. Loved the eye work in Shadow Demon V1. Keep up the good work.
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