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Amazing work Sensei I honestly wish I could be talented with drawing...but I'm not really..Um really nice shells an stuff and I give you a bunch of props for sharing your art work I enjoy seeing them Smiley_Smile.
Yea !! SteamPunk Rocks !!
Is A Rally Awesome Design
been wanting to reply for a while now. Just wanted to take the time to really dive into your pieces before i commented.
I went back and looked at all of your designs from beo1 as well. I'm glad to see some of them made it to beo2 Smiley_Wink
On another note i noticed that you seem to really prefer drawing mechanical. *Claps loudly* I know how tough that can be and you really have a knack for it. I had an art teacher in college who forced us all to draw inter-locking 3-D gears. It was torture. I am truly thankful to have seen your pieces of work, from start to finish that you have chosen to share.
I wont go as far as to sit here and name off each of my favorites, but i saw MANY i'd damn sure purchase if they were ever put in-game.
In referance to your fluffy one that you had a hard time with, your pink one imo looked the best for representing 'fluffy'. I know it's tough to do that too. I started with realistic sheep myself. I found the trick is to add positive value and proper gradiation levels without filling in all the negative space. Tricky tricky indeed.
Your maps are amazing, maybe some people don't realize it, but you designed all of the backgrounds for each map as well yeah? I have to highly commend you for taking out the time to add in what it would look like in the actual game, with the statistics bar & timer + even some eggs there to show what it'd look like. Man i know that took some patience to get all of that cut out into layers.
I know the donkins put pixaner's amazing work on their facebook, (he deserves it) but i also think you deserve a spot up there too man. *claps* great job

I admit to being a little envious of your ability to draw with the multi dimension perspective. I can do it but during the middle of my drawings i usually get really into it and lose track of where the perspective should be, making things look 3-D in non-conformative ways Smiley_Sad
I spent more of my time focusing on the light-source and direction of which shaded value you should go. I should sit down and work on perspective more!
where in the world do you find time to do all of this AND maintain so much XP Smiley_Shocked
thanks man for awesome reply
i do put lot of thoughts into each design,once have idea in mind i just get urge to put it out there,with lots of practice it comes easy

for maps it took week for each to draw after i stopped playing ,i used alredy exited backrounds, i only draw structure rest i used from both games beo1 & 2.

i do wish to see some of my designs in beo2 but donkins have different vision for their designs but may be some day who knows...but reading reply like this makes me happy same,i just do it for fun, its worth time spending...

(12-24-2014 10:00 AM)Vexis Wrote: [ -> ]where in the world do you find time to do all of this AND maintain so much XP Smiley_Shocked
in weekends most of the times...when ever i can Smiley_Smile

also thanks pixaner ,Death & gold man 2 Smiley_Smile

another update
Egg expert in kendo martial arts
epic update I really hope the Donkins input these into game one day I would buy 100% because great detail and some of animation is great
AWESOME! Their Really cool, Very nice desin, I Support Smiley_ThumbsUp
looks like i cant compete with nicks father Smiley_XD but thanks
hidden & Eeliolio

that was my old account when I posted them shells the mod's can't close unless some grave dig's or THE OWNER of that forum name asks them to...

like who does HACK somebody's forum!!

anyway I some of these eggs need to implanted in game with or without force. Sensei you know what to doSmiley_Wink
Sensei nice work on your New update Smiley_Tongue
DROID BOT & Hawaiian Egg updated.
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