Full Version: Egg Scout & Hawaiian Egg - New update
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Steampunk Egg-[Mechanical Egg]-updated
Awesome job! The body of the egg kind of looks like your jumping jack egg that you did. It's really cool though.
Nice Update []_[] Cool

Keep It Up ! Smiley_RockOn
Just now seeing all of your map designs SenSei, I'm very impressed! I would really like to see one of them in the game.
woah im impressed of your work SenSei101 they look very nice and good deatails hope we see more soon? ^^
thanks guys

ya may be Smiley_BigGrin
i like your new shell it could be much better if it comes with a new weapon like which work look like mechanics, but yet you have done a brilliant job keep up.
very very very nice eggs i like it really awesome
thanks andre & kami Smiley_Smile
Like the new update and name.
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