Full Version: Egg Scout & Hawaiian Egg - New update
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Love the new map. Maybe you should also make new shells.
Thanks Z
saving good stuff for design competition,whenever that happens ;D
Awesome Job Sensei!! My favourite map is the Dungeon and favourite shell the mercenary commando.

P.S Keep up the good work. Smiley_BigGrin
In spirit of Halloween,
2 different version of Shadow Demon Egg design updated.
These are so great. Hope to see more of your artwork. =D
Great Job on your egg Sensei Smiley_ThumbsUp Smiley_BigGrin. I really like it it looks cool Smiley_Smile Smiley_BigGrin.
I really like the first shadow demon's wings. I think the 2nd one would look a lot better with those wings. But good job anyways.
hey sensei bro its me maybe remeber me? but it doesnt matter these shell are the best ive ever seen by a forum user good job keep create them!!! <3 i love u best player!
The maps look awesome, good work mate
Yeah, SenSei, what editing program do you use?
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