Full Version: Egg Scout & Hawaiian Egg - New update
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(08-26-2014 06:25 PM)GoldenNightmareDragon Wrote: [ -> ]Np bro *bro hugs* LOL Smiley_XD. Eh may I copy and paste some of your map pics to tinypic
and save them to my computer sometime? I won't be able to do it recently since i got school tomorrow.
ok bro,np --------------------Smiley_Smile
Awesome work on these map designs SenSei! Love the latest one (dungeon).
Agree, the dungeon one is the best , it has to be in game D:
yay, thanks rob ,well lets hope croco
appreciation from rob is good enough for me Smiley_BigGrin

New update-FUN ZONE aka Theme park
fun zone good job sensei lets gave a fun. Smiley_XD
well i cant see the eggs, so i dont know what they look like but the levels, they are amazing. if rob/john put this in the game i would pm you and tell u to be exited lol, because the maps are awesome.
nice job an good work Smiley_ThumbsUp
Yeah, I like the funzone alot too, the whole night atmosphere is fun to play on for me. You hardly get games on random maps with the night background from the village :/ .
thanks timetrialfreak,halogame,GND,Devil ;D
Lol Hey SenSei bro you can call me Death Smiley_Tongue
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