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Hey everyone yesterday I spun the wheel and got a weapon, then today, I cant spin the wheel, someone please tell me why Smiley_Smile
It is not a bug, spin wheel resets at 00:00 at GMT timezone. So, depending on where do you live, it will be enabled again at certain time. Where I live, for example, it resets at 9:00 PM, becouse I am on GMT-3 timezone.
Avrey. I told you that. wow. lol.
(02-20-2014 05:51 AM)Master chief Wrote: [ -> ]Avrey. I told you that. wow. lol.
wait... ooogggeoooo is AVREY scharwat or something like that in beo1? I kniw like all 2012 2013 players generation
... WHAT THE HELL. HOW DO YOU KNOW MY LAST NAME! Avrey is such moron for telling you our last name. and yes, 000gggeeeo is my bigger, taller,stronger, not an emo, looks nothing alike, and not as smart twin. and he joined in October 2011 when I told him about beo. he quit in june or july 3013.
I got pack weapon from wheel today and I don't have that pack which contains that weapon, not that I'm complaining since all weapons are welcome, I just find it bit weird.
Please, croco and chief, this is not made for chatting. And if you say me something like you dont have to listen to me becosue im not a mod, I will report you again. Im tired of you and your 'I dont listen to you' attitude.
egg666: It doesnt matter that you don't have the weapon pack bought, you can get any weapon of it. Which means nothing but awesomeness, since it's also a way to try the weapons in real combat.
LOL Its pretty obvious are time zones so we let you talk. Anyway it was avrey nickname haha.
oh sweet.

*waits next pay gun*
@master cheef, please do not speak like that. If you have a problem with someone send them a message or something.
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