Full Version: Stop ffs Stop
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You have a whole inventory of weapons, why do you like to use the "BigBomb'?

Its worth 20 points

Is it because you are so in love with big explosions?

Oh and while you're at it please do not use health restore (especially if it means walking next to team mate)

and as for dirt............

For location, location, location please remember strategy, strategy, strategy

Kind regards Forktongue aka guest who whoops your ass
One, This is against the rules to be hating on people, People use whatever they like, and make their own choices. Others don't have the right to force people to use different weapons. Big Boom can be used for ALOT of tactical wins I have found. Health is a useful material (A forum of old EQ) In the game. Again, You don't force people to not use these weapons, who do you think you are, and if you have the power, you going to remove it? Sure, Dirt traps people, but it allows then to reconstruct their aim when the enemy is trapped or unable to get to the opponent. And for the last comment, It doesn't matter who wins and who losses, this is a GAME when it comes to guests. You don't COMPETE to be the best guest. This most likely will offend many people and this thread disgusts me. It's better to live with the facts, and not complain about them.
Well the best guest is obviously Peter, since his username is Guest-1515 and hes pretty higgh on the leaderboard.. Lol
(02-08-2014 11:21 AM)Echo (L93) Wrote: [ -> ]snip

[Image: 36243-slow-clap-citizen-kane-orson-w-bJkI.gif]
I use big boom cause put peoples in strategic holes. I saw lots of unfailable guests but none beat me . Regards
The crocodile that whoops ya'all asses

Lol. Edit.iLOVE TO GET DIRT TRAPPED. Why? Im protected and lets say oponents Is --->
I can shot with biuncy walll <----- and then hit him. He will never hit me cause they DONT KNOW HOW TO USE BOUNCY WALLS. Then complain about is for noobs with no aim and random dont random bounce. Smiley_Wink
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