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I was thinking that since they already have a code in place that keeps up with specific weapons, that it wouldn't be hard to do this one.

Have a code keep track of all kills with all weapons and runs silently in the background. And it can show on your profile your Favorite or Specialized Weapon. The one weapon you get the most kills with. (doesnt reset after prestige)
Interesting idea, i hope it get implemented.
yh great idea, i didn't realize i posted similar suggestion
Well it's a good idea! supported Smiley_Wink
I like this idea, when I would play Great Wall of Eggland in BEO1 I would always kill the opponenet with a knife (or bow if I didnt have one), don't know why, just thought that they were cool finishers for me Smiley_Tongue
(02-08-2014 03:01 AM)eggsplash666 Wrote: [ -> ]Interesting idea, i hope it get implemented.

(02-08-2014 06:55 AM)Trafalgar Law Wrote: [ -> ]Well it's a good idea! supported Smiley_Wink

What they said, +1 to this idea. Smiley_Tongue
Hmm.. I think its ok.. Doesnt matter to me if its implimented or not though..
Smiley_Shocked I like this idea * fav weapon egg seeker* DONT JUDGE ME! Smiley_XD
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