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Well I dont know where to post this. I dont know how to contact most of my friends so I post here . Sorry to who is not interest lol.

Well im just informing that if someone wants to play with me ( I received pm's lol) iM ON TOMORROW and all the days like tomorrow ...what day is tomorrow? Dont remember how to speak in english but weLl I can play EVERY 4TH DAY OF WEEK
Since 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Gmt+1 time of italy of course. I hope you dont delete this thread at least informing ppls. Sorry...
So until 2:00 pm are you online? Nice story, we take a long match against the whole world of beo, just you and me
Smiley_Wink Smiley_Wink Smiley_Wink Smiley_Wink Smiley_Wink
Smiley_XD 56 views

The heading of your topic made EVERYONE look at your topic lol
Am i considered your friend croco....?
Lol ya I mean for ppls like dragon bolt and others for example who dont know me shouldnt care
Me? I'm not your friend?! Ahem *cough* *cough* I'l...just go to that corner now... and cry... Smiley_Sad
I was meaning u are my friend...
(02-07-2014 01:05 AM)ThE_CroCoDiLE Wrote: [ -> ]I was meaning u are my friend...

You forgot me Smiley_Sad... *I'm going to the corner with Dragonbolt and cry* Smiley_Crying
Whats this sarcasm guys Lol stop it lol.
It's not sarcasm lol
ANYWAY, I see you changed the title heading, which is good I suppose...
I'll keep this in mind, I want to fight with/against you > : D
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